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League Rules

All Goldfields League competitions are according to FIFA Laws of the Game.

The differences between local senior competition and the 13/U, 15/U and 17/U competitions are as follows:

  • The interchange rule (allowed by FIFA for Junior, Women and Amateur domestic competitions).

  • You must not have any more than 16 players listed for any one match (maximum of 5 interchange players and all are able to participate in the game)

  • Interchange must occur as per the Laws of the Game i.e. only with the permission of the Referee.

    • Interchange players leaving or entering the field of play without the Referee's permission shall be shown the Yellow Card.

    • Interchange Players must enter the field of play at the half way line.

  • Time

    • 13/U - 30min halves; 5 min half time break.

    • 15/U - 35min halves; 5min half time break.

    • 17/U - 40min halve; 10min half time break.

  • Injury time is not added for League or KO Cup Games under any circumstances.

    • All games must start and finish on time without exception (if a game starts late then the Referee must divide the game into two equal halves and finish on time).

    • KO Cup games ending in a draw at the completion of regular time will then play 2 x 10 minutes extra time followed by penalty shootout if scores remain tied at the end of extra time.


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